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Work by Nika Fontaine based in Berlin. Named Pranayama, size 18 by 14 inches, 2018.
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Product Description

Canvas by Nika Fontaine. Named Pranayama, size 18 by 14 inches, 2018.Berlin based, born in 1985 in Montreal Canada.
Master of fine arts and autodidactic entrepreneur, she transitioned from male to female in 2014. This experience thought her much about the Ego as a construct and the polarizing energies shaping us.

Through craftsmanship, I spiritualize matter and materialize the metaphysical in works that express concepts of mindfulness and emancipation.
I source my inspiration primarily in antique and modern spiritual philosophies & techniques such as Kabbalah, Hermetism, lucid dreaming, vipassana meditation, Kundalini yoga.

Prana, series made in Montreal 2018

Inspired by the healing technique called La Trame and the Hindu notion of Prana and pranayama, I crafted this series where rhythm, energy fields and sub atomic particles are displayed.
The life force of Prana which is in and around everything can be harvested and nurtured through various exercises. The paintings display the movement and wave patterns of its nature.

The series was presented in Montreal in 2018 at Assurart and curated by Simon Morin.

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